Tips on Clothing for Your Headshot Session

If you have agency-specific attire that is expected for your head shot, that is fine. If not, here are some suggestions for you to consider for the best possible portrait:


  • Wear medium to dark range, solid color tops/shirts. For men, it is your choice whether to wear a tie; but if you do, choose a conservative print, like a basic stripe or subdued pattern. A colored shirt (vs. white) is better with a suit, if possible.  V-necked tops are particularly flattering for women, although avoid ones with revealing necklines.


  • Avoid things that pull the eye of the viewer away from your face, such as bright colors, whites, prints, patterns (stripes, checks), sleeveless tops (long sleeves work best), and shiny jewelry.


  • Ordinarily a headshot is only head, shoulders, and sometimes a bit of chest, so if this is your casual day, jeans or any other kind of casual bottoms will be fine.  Of course, those who want a ¾ pose might want to wear dress/suit trousers as well.